Wrangell, Alaska

I have recently accepted a new job in Wrangell, Alaska. I’ll be moving within the month, and I believe I am in for, if not an adventure, then a dramatic change of lifestyle.

Wrangell is a small town on a small island in Southeast Alaska, in the panhandle. After Ketchikan, it’s about as south in Alaska as one can be, so I’m not headed to frigid tundra or ice-capped mountains, more like a coastal, temperate rainforest.

I’ll try to blog here more regularly as I prepare and once I arrive in Wrangell. I am excited to share my experiences with friends and family.


4 thoughts on “Wrangell, Alaska

  1. Congratulations, Andi! It’s been an incredible journey through grad school, living a part from loved ones to finally landing your dream job. It’s well deserved and I’m excited to follow your Alaskan adventures! ❤

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